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Brazilian soil wealth exploration mingles itself with the very history of the country. From seeking for gold and precious gems on riverbeds to huge state-of-the-art excavations, centuries have gone by an activity that has placed Brazil amidst the largest ore producers worldwide.

Considered the industry of industries, mining stands for the fundamental Brazilian production chain link so that domestic development can actually take place. At the end of the day, virtually the whole transformation industry makes use of ores as its raw material, i.e. minerals are the very basis for the production of essential goods for every citizen’s comfort, health, hygiene, housing, nourishment and safety. A nation’s development and its populace’s wellbeing cannot be achieved without mineral assets.

Moreover, the mining industry stands out in the country, due to the fact of decisively contributing to Brazilian trade balance surplus. In 2016, Brazil exported over 300 million tons of mineral assets, thus creating exchange value of US$ 21.6 billion FOB. Such figure stood for 11.6% of overall Brazilian exports, and 33% of Brazilian trade balance.

The extraction industry also has a fundamental share in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), representing 4.3% of the whole national GDP and 16.9% of Brazilian industrial GDP, as per IBGE 2013 data.

Fighting for sustainable development is the guiding principle of the industry. The mineral industry holds a leading position in industrial water reuse, and also stands out as a low greenhouse gas emitter.

On account of its pursuit for best practices for increasingly sustainable operations, the industry encourages the establishment of development hubs within the regions it operates, towards the generation of employment, income, infrastructure and better living standards for local population. Mineral activity is one of the major direct and indirect job generating industries in Brazil. Approximately 2 million people are directly and indirectly engaged by the domestic mining industry.

Indisputably, modern life depends more and more on such extractive activity. At Portal da Mineração, you will find all required information to appreciate the industry better, taking into account it has been a valuable part of Brazilian history since its very outset. The website has been developed by the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), an institution that gathers together, represents, promotes and disseminates Brazilian mining industry.