Belém, the capital of the State of Pará, is the synthesis of the Brazilian Amazônia. It symbolizes the integration of Amazônia to the Brazilian territory and is the city that best reflects the Amazon identity in its landscape, culture and gastronomy. Belém combines a variety of cultural and historical attractions, in addition to several options of international hotel chains, pubs, and restaurants with quality services for all budgets.

The city is strategically located at the mouth of the Amazon River and its exotic aspect is especially appreciated by tourists. The gastronomy of the State of Pará is one of the most authentic in the world for incorporating Portuguese and African influences.

The typical food menu includes pato no tucupi, maniçoba, tacacá, vatapá and chibé. The list of local fruits and vegetables also features a wide variety of very-characteristic flavors such as cupuaçu, bacuri, pupunha, taperebá, jaca and muruci.

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