Belém, the capital of Pará state, is the synthesis of the Brazilian Amazon. It symbolises the integration of the Amazon with the Brazilian territory and it is the city that best reflects the Amazon identity through its landscape, culture and gastronomy. Belém possesses a variety of cultural and historic attractions, in addition to a wide selection of international hotel chains, bars, and restaurants providing high-quality services for all tastes and budgets.

The city is located at a strategic position at the mouth of the Amazon river and its exotic profile is particularly appreciated by tourists. The cuisine of Pará is one of the most authentic in the world due to the its Portuguese and African influences.

Some of the typical dishes are: Duck in tucupi sauce, maniçoba, tacacá, vatapá and chibé. There is also a large variety of local fruit and vegetables, each with their own characteristc flavours. These include cupuaçu, bacuri, pupunha, taperebá, jackfruit and muruci.

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