IBRAM puts out a tender for suppliers of technology, services and products related to the management and handling of mining tailings

Brazilian mining has witnessed two tailings dam failures in the last three years. In search of a more sustainable and responsible future, the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM), in partnership with the Minas Gerais Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy (CREA-MG), has launched a tender this month (15/4) for suppliers of technology, services and products related to the management of mining tailings.

This tender aims to stimulate innovation within the sector and a dissemination of the best practices and technology available in the market regarding the management and handling of mining tailings. This will be an opportunity for suppliers to demonstrate the possibilities for reducing impacts related to the management and handling of tailings through the adoption of new technology.

IBRAM will organise an event on the 5th June 2019 at the CREA-MG auditorium in Belo Horizonte, during which suppliers will have the opportunity to present their projects. The presentations will last 20 minutes in total, including time for discussion of the proposal.  16 (sixteen) suppliers will be selected to present their ideas. Should the number of suppliers be greater than the time available for 16 presentations, IBRAM and CREA-MG will attempt to make another data available for the other presentations.

Those suppliers interested in participating mush fill in the technical information form to submit proposals via the link https://ibram-pesquisa.typeform.com/to/L93vZv.  The deadline for registration is 15th May 2019. An email must also be sent to ibram@ibram.org.br containing a document and/or portfolio with the description and photos of the technical proposal of technology, services and other products related to the theme.

The registration form for the event on 5th June 2019 is already available at https://forms.gle/x2RbqpHfLsB8Tevo6