The Brazilian Mining Association – IBRAM is a private, not-for-profit organization which represents companies and institutions of the mineral sector in seeking to establish a favourable environment for business, competitiveness and sustainable development. In order to promote innovation within the sector, and disseminate best practices and the latest technology available on the market, the association organises debates, events, studies and research related to the mineral economy, tax, legislation, trends, risks, opportunities and other topics of interest to the mining industry.

Founded on 10th December 1976, IBRAM has built its credibility in the political, economic and social sectors through its ethical approach and technical experience. IBRAM represents the main companies and institutions involved in the mineral sector, focusing on the promotion of sustainable development and the dissemination of the best safety and occupational health practices.

Considered to be the spokesperson of Brazilian mining, the association has 130 members who, directly or indirectly, form part of the Brazilian mining sector. These include mining companies; employer’s organisations; mineral engineering, environmental and geology companies; equipment manufacturers; technology centres; and investment banks, amongst others.

Promoting and increasing technological capacity and human resources within mining are further missions of the Association. In addition to defending sustainability, respect for the environment and water resources, IBRAM constantly aims to improve the quality of life of society, in particular, of those communities where mining activities take place and of nearby or direct-affected populations.
It is also important to highlights its work with different economic segments and public bodies – executive, legislative and judiciary powers – both on a federal and state level, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and employer and employee entities to build the Brazilian society’s trust in the work performed by mining professionals and companies.

IBRAM also engages with overseas organisations and entities. It is a member of the International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM), seated in England.

IBRAM Addresses

Rua Sergipe, 1440 – Savassi, 4º andar – CEP: 30130-174
Tel: (31) 3223-6751

SHIS QL.12 CONJUNTO 0 (ZERO) CASA 04 – Lago Sul – Brasília (DF) – CEP:71.630-205
Tel: (61) 3364-7272 / (61) 3364-7200

Travessa Rui Barbosa, 1536 – B. Nazaré – Belém – PA
Tel: (91) 3230-4066 Fax: (91) 3349-4106 CEP: 66035-220

Main Activities

  • Defending the common interests of the mineral sector in public spheres (executive, legislative and judiciary powers) in Brasília and in states and municipalities that host mining activities;
  • Anticipating risks and trends in the regulatory field, both nationally and internationally, which could threaten the competitiveness of Brazilian mining; and taking a proactive role in the construction of public policies;
  • Promoting the sustainable development of the mineral industry, the best occupational health and safety practices, corporate social responsibility, and the effective engagement of communities where mining takes place;
  • Preparing studies, research and statistics relative to the mineral economy, tax, legislation, trends, risks, opportunities and other topics of interest to the mining industry;
  • Promoting innovation within the Brazilian mineral sector and disseminating best practices and technologies available in order to expand the competitiveness of mining in a sustainable manner;
  • Supporting standardisation with a focus on increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian minerals on the international market;
  • Organising trade fairs, congresses and seminars, amongst others, to promote and expand the Brazilian mining industry, and encourage an exchange of knowledge and the development of the mining productive chain.



Every two years, the city of Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais State) becomes a centre for mining debates with EXPOSIBRAM and the Brazilian Mining Congress. Organised by IBRAM and sponsored by important companies, EXPOSIBRAM is currently the country’s biggest stage to generate business within the mining sector, whilst the Brazilian Mining Congress highlights the trends of the sector.

EXPOSIBRAM and the Brazilian Mining Congress are two of the world’s most important events related to the mining productive chain. The events bring together the main national and international mining companies, equipment and service providers, representatives of research institutions and universities, business and government delegations from various nations, trade associations, public sector bodies and authorities, as well as executives and specialists from various segments to discuss themes related to the national and international mining industry.

EXPOSIBRAM AMAZÔNIA and the Amazônia Mining Congress

Held every two years in Pará State, the events emphasise the sustainable development of the mining industry in the North of Brazil. Whilst public and private companies and institutions exhibit their products, services, and business opportunities at EXPOSIBRAM AMAZÔNIA; mining executives and specialists, as well as academics and representatives from various countries take part in debates at the congress on issues related to the future direction of mining in Amazônia region. The events, which involve local partners such as the Federation of the Industries of Pará (FIEPA), represent the gateway to the promotion of new business in a promising market for national and overseas companies: suppliers, consultants, service providers and commercial partners.

Mineral Rights 

Organised every two years by IBRAM in partnership with the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM) and the School of the Attorney General of the Union, the International Mining Congress (DIRMIN) is an excellent opportunity to promote integration between the state judiciary and the mineral sector and other productive segments. The event targets a broad public, which includes employees from all levels of the state judiciary system; leaders and legal consultants of the mineral sector, such as partners of the most renowned national and international law offices; representatives of trade unions; and executives and technicians from ministries and public bodies that develop policy for this segment.


Held every two years in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais State), the Brazilian Open Pit Mine Congress and the Brazilian Underground Mine Congress – CBMINA are amongst the most important discussion forums on these mining activities and the undertaking of related activities in social, economic, legal and environmental fields. The event brings together big names from the mining industry and promotes the dissemination of research by academics and professionals from small and large mining companies, awarding prizes for the best work. CBMINA is also the stage for highly-technical debates and presentations of new proposals focused on developing Brazilian mining.

CBMINA is organised by IBRAM in conjunction with the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

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Presidents of IBRAM

Important names from the Brazilian mining sector have already left important legacies and made significant contributions during their time as President of IBRAM. These include:

  • Hélio Pentagna Guimarães: 1977
  • Henrique Anawate: 1978/1979
  • Henrique Guatimossim: 1979/1980
  • João Sérgio Marinho Nunes: 1980/1982
  • Luis de Oliveira Castro: 1982/1984
  • Sérgio Jacques de Moraes: 1984/1986
  • João Sérgio Marinho Nunes: 1986/1990
  • Cyro Cunha Melo: 1990/1992
  • João Sérgio Marinho Nunes: 1992/2001
  • Edmundo Paes de Barros Mercer: 2002/2006
  • Paulo Camillo Vargas Penna: 2006/2012
  • Rinaldo Mancin: Janeiro de 2012/ Março 2012 (Presidente Interino)
  • José Fernando Coura: 2012/ 2016
  • Walter B. Alvarenga – Diretor-Presidente – 2017 – atual presidente

Hélio Pentagna Guimarães

1976 - 1978

Henrique Anawate

1978 - 1979

Henrique Guatimossim

1979 - 1980

Neuclayr Martins Pereira


João Sérgio Marinho Nunes

1981 - 1982

Luis de Oliveira Castro

1983 - 1984

Sérgio Jacques de Moraes

1985 - 1986

João Sérgio Marinho Nunes

1987 - 1990

Cyro Cunha Melo

1991 - 1994

João Sérgio Marinho Nunes

1994 - 2002

Paulo Camillo Vargas Penna

2006 - 2012

José Fernando Coura

2012 - 2017

Walter B. Alvarenga

2017 - 2019

Flávio Ottoni Penido

Atual Presidente do IBRAM