Adriana Celestino – A cement plant leader

Votorantim Cimentos Corumbá (MS) plant manager, Adriana Celestino has built her career supported by a global company template, which includes in its strategic milestones talent cultivation, with diversity valuing

Objectivity and focus. Features that Adriana Celestino de Souza Camargo has sustained since college. Graduated in Chemistry at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) and post-graduated in Industrial Quality at Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais (Cefet-MG), Adriana started in the work market as Lab analyst in an industry, however, since her first days of experience she was determined to achieve a leadership position.

In January, 2019, 45-year old Adriana Celestino became the first female employee to reach the leadership of a Votorantim Cimentos plant in the country. She is Corumbá (MS) plant new manager, one of the most traditional plants of the company in the Mid-West, which operates since the 1950´s and employs 230 direct and indirect employees.

In order to reach the plant top position, Adriana Celestino went through a long path. And in the industrial sector, still ruled by the male gender, achieving a promotion demanded from Adriana not only objectivity and focus, but also commitment and braveness to change and take risks in new ventures to reach her goal.

‘When I started my career, I progressed from Lab analyst to Production head, however, I realized this was the highest position I would reach. I decided then to search for new opportunities and I heard about a hiring process for a Production coordinator vacancy in another industry. When I heard in the interview that it was Votorantim Cimentos, I took the challenge of starting over, as I realized I would have more growth possibilities’, Adriana said, who started in the company in 2008.

Adriana started to work at Votorantim Cimentos as Production coordinator, a position she held until 2012, in São Paulo (SP). Later, she moved to the Federal District where she worked in Sobradinho (DF) plant as Mortar and Cement Production coordinator and Production and Environment area coordinator. Then, she took over the operation, in the city of Cajamar (SP), as mortar plant manager, and finally, as Metropolitan Compound manager, which includes, besides Cajamar site, Barueri (SP) site. In late 2018, she was asked to take over as cement plant manager in Corumbá (MS).

Diversity valuing – When she remembers the path she went through until becoming manager in Corumbá, Adriana talks with excitement about the projects she executed and that fostered a positive image of her within the company. She was responsible for triggering Sobradinho and Cajamar mortar plant manufacturing capacity, and she also led the Mortar Metropolitan Compound implementation, among other initiatives.

For Adriana, as essential as placing her career development as one of her life priorities is working in an environment that supports and fosters professional development, regardless of color, race or gender. ‘Since the day I started working at the company, I have always been engaged in significant activities, with interface with several areas. I have also gathered knowledge from areas in which I had no experience so far, including business strategy and marketing, and I believe that would not be so easy in another company’, she says.

Corumbá plant manager also highlights that the great organizational environment made the difference concerning her professional development. ‘So far, I am excited with taking over the management of Votorantim Cimentos Corumbá plant. I had a great welcome by the team and what I am willing to do right now is developing a solid legacy. The employees have a long-term relationship with the plant, and my greatest challenge is improving the site performance, placing it as one of the most productive within the company’, Adriana added.

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