From personal care to esthetics: mining is the greatest ally of cosmetics manufacturing

12 Mar 2021

The name ‘cosmetic’ comes from the Greek word ‘kosmetikós’, meanings ‘skillful to adorn’. Thus, the industry searches to manufacture several external use products, with the purpose of cleaning, perfuming, changing looks, protecting, keeping in fine condition or correcting body odors. They include: soaps, deodorants, perfumes, talc, oral hygiene and hair products, sunscreens and makeup.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic product wide range found in the market derive from numberless types of raw materials, whether from mineral, vegetal or animal origin. A list of several mineral assets, including clay minerals (kaolin and bentonite), lime (calcite), sulphur, mica (muscovite) and talc are used in the industry according to their properties, action forms and purpose.

Makeups, for instance, are comprised by a range of minerals. In lipstick, pencil and blush formula, it is possible to find titanium dioxide, used as ultraviolet radiation blocker; mica, which is responsible for gloss in some products; zinc oxide, which prevents micro-organism proliferation. To control skin oiliness, iron oxide and bismuth chloride are used.

It is worth noting that beauty industry changes every day. Advanced researches in mineral, pharmacological and cosmetic market enable ongoing discoveries and new product development. Mining is part of your wellbeing.