Garnet, Spessartine variety

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Isometric system mineral, usually habits create round aspect, including dodecahedron, hexaoctahedron, or even pseudocubic. Garnets have high hardness (6.5-7.5) in Mohs Scale, present good impact strength and have strong gloss and good transparency.


Fujian Province, China.


It is manganese and aluminum garnet. Garnet is not the name of a precious stone, it is the name of a group of them. They usually appear in nature as beautiful granular crystals, thus their name. Spessartine is one of them, and its name derives from Spessart mountain range, in Bavaria, Germany.


Garnets usually provide fine gemstones, and when they are not suitable to jewelry use, they are used as abrasive, especially in emery cloths.

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