José Filho: production operator

Unlike many professionals who move away from their homes to search for opportunities and better life standards in regions like South and Southeast, the North was chosen and the ‘open door’ for José Filho´s career, Imerys employee. Northeastern coming from the state of Piauí, the production operator that works in the mining company processing plant, located in Barcarena (Pará), found in Imerys and in Pará the opportunity of his lifetime.

Married for 12 years and father of a girl, the Piauí natural has worked in the company since 2005 and started his career as production assistant. Acknowledged by the colleagues as someone that is an example to be followed in his work environment, before coming to Imerys, José managed to get experience in other companies from the field. He has already worked in a company linked to cement production.

For the operator, more than a workplace, Imerys is a learning space. ‘For me, Imerys is a school. Everything I know about kaolin and about my work I learned here. The company gave me the opportunity to grow professionally and I am very grateful for my work’, José said.

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