Mining Hub, the World´s First Mining Hub

12 Mar 2021

Mining innovation, as in any other industry, does not happen due to its own development and in isolation.

Quite the opposite, research centers, university, other industries, startup companies, and governments are examples of solution developing partners that are applied with increasingly higher frequency and reach.

Mining companies have enhanced intersectional cooperation group establishment, venture capital funds and other collaboration ecosystems; and small and mid-size mining companies also have innovative solution development to improve their manufacturing processes.

Within this trend, the Brazilian mining has innovated in the search for new solutions to its challenges by establishing the Mining Hub –

It is an open innovation initiative designed to every mining chain stakeholder, through the connection among mining companies, suppliers, startups, researchers and investors, fostering opportunities and connections to different mining players. Nowadays, there are around 50 companies associated to the initiative, which is in its fourth challenge cycle.

Mining Hub is a counterpoint for the field, transforming the culture and enabling mining reputation solidification. Moreover, its operation in a neutral and collaborative work environment, with the purpose of knowledge exchange, intensifies connections and collaborations, fostering the field innovation solidification.