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The survey and discovery of mineral deposits in the Brazilian soil are intertwined with the national history itself. From the search for gold and precious stones in riverbeds to excavations using all the technology available. Those have been centuries of an activity that has placed Brazil among the largest producers of minerals in the world.

Considered the industry of industries, mining is an essential link in the Brazilian production chain to promote national development. After all, virtually the entire manufacturing industry uses minerals as raw material, that is, minerals are the basis for the production of the goods that are essential for the comfort, health, hygiene, housing, food and safety of citizens. The development of a nation and the well-being of its population cannot exist if minerals are not used.

The mining industry also stands out for contributing decisively to generating surpluses in the Brazilian trade balance. In the first half of 2020, for example, the mineral balance accounted for 50% of the Brazilian trade balance in the period.

The incessant search for sustainable development is a guiding principle for this sector. The mining industry is a water reuse leader in its productive activity and is also characterized by its low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

As it is always seeking the best practices to act in an increasingly sustainable way, it stimulates, in the regions where it operates, the creation of development centers creating jobs, income, infrastructure and a better quality of life for the populations in the territories where it operates. The mineral activity is one of the main creators of direct and indirect jobs in Brazil. There are about 2 million workers directly and indirectly involved with national mining.

The undeniable fact is that modern life depends more and more on this extractive activity. In the Portal da Mineração, you can find all the information necessary to better understand this sector, present in the Brazilian history since the early days of colonization.

The Portal is managed by the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM), which brings together, represents, promotes and disseminates the Brazilian mining industry