New technologies in mining

Mining has become increasingly known as an industry of great technological innovations. The memory of an archaic and rudimentary activity has given way to the image of more sustainable and technological production processes, with better productivity rates, better relations with the surrounding communities, responsible for environmental preservation, etc.

From the highly technological search for mineralized bodies using aerogradiometry (Air-FTG – Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry), to autonomous off-road trucks, the innovative mining environment increases every day.

Learn about some technologies used in mining.

  • Predictive analysis, through mathematical modeling and process simulation;
  • Internet of Things (IoT), characterized by collaboration between advanced software and sensors, for communication and digital interaction;
  • Advanced materials with superlight, ultra-resistant, high performance features;
  • Design, simulation and digital integration, with prototyping and simulation;
  • Advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, with machines or systems, able to perform highly complex tasks;
  • Use of supercomputers;
  • Augmented/virtual reality;
  • Autonomous drones with electromagnetic sensors and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV);
  • 3D scanning. 



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