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The Amazon is a region with one of the biggest mineral potentials in the world thus providing Brazil with one of the fundamental challenges for the new world economy: producing riches whilst sustainably using available resources and respecting the environment with responsibility and social promotion. In light of this scenario, the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM) has been encouraging mining companies to adopt responsible practices for years, promoting regional, national and international debates on the subject.

One of the mineral sector’s main discussion forums in the Northern region of the country is EXPOSIBRAM Amazônia. Promoted by IBRAM, the purpose of the event is to underline the importance of mining for the social and economic development of the region.

By bringing together students, professors, researchers, authorities, business people and professionals from mining productive chain, as well as the sector’s main suppliers, EXPOSIBRAM Amazônia, which takes place every two years in Belém (PA), also stimulates an exchange with mining companies (national and international) to promote business in the short, medium and long term.

In 2018, EXPOSIBRAM Amazônia reaches its 5th edition, which will also count with the Amazônia Mining Congress and the International Mining Exhibition.

Numbers of the 4th edition

600 people attended the opening ceremony

10 thousand visitors

82 exhibitors (mining companies, suppliers and service providers)

4 thousand square metres of fair

An estimated 100 million Brazilian Reais of business was generated

553 congress-goers